Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

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Outdoor Activities Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

From birdwatching in the National Park of Dadia, boat rides at Evros Delta and rafting on Nestos River, to sailing and scuba diving in the waters of the Thracian Sea. The list of activities for the guests of the Alexander Beach Hotel & Spa is simply unbeatable. And as you can see below, literally inexhaustible.

Bird Watching - Photographing

Try, along with thousands upon thousands of visitors from all over the world, the unique experience of bird watching in the National Parks of unparallel beauty in Dadia and the Evros Delta. They are two of the most important habitats of Europe that attract hundreds of rare bird species.
Specifically at the Evros Delta you will see thousands of water birds spending winter there, among them swans and many birds of prey, while in spring thousands of shorebirds, pelicans and lesser spotted eagles make a stop here.

Respectively, in the National Park of Dadia within thick pine and oak forests, 36 of the 38 species of Europe's birds of prey have their own domain with many rare species among them like the eastern imperial eagle, the lesser spotted eagle and the elusive Egyptian vulture.

Boat Ride on Evros Delta

Imagine seagulls and herons flying carefree in the sky, buffalos grazing in the fields and you, on a special boat, enjoying unperturbed nature's grandeur in one of the most important wetlands of Europe.
There, at the north easternmost end of Greece where the vast blue of the sky meets a mosaic of sand dunes and lagoons with the snow-covered mountain tops in the background, you will have an experience that nobody should miss out on. The relevant tours are organised by Information Centre Evros Delta (Tel. 25510 61000).

Extreme Sports in the Bosom of Nature

Rafting in the cold waters of Nestos River, also known as 'River of Life', is only one of the international scope & high adrenaline nature loving activities the guest of the Alexander Beach Hotel & Spa can enjoy. Among others, the list includes rafting, trekking, horse riding, mountain biking, archery and 4x4 vehicle tours.


Escape to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea with a hired boat and delight in the experience of yachting around the secluded coastline of the Thracian land or even visit mysterious Samothrace, one of the most fascinating and blessed by nature islands of Greece. Our collaboration with experienced boat owners guarantees your complete satisfaction and safety.

Scuba Diving

We offer you the opportunity to have the unique experience of scuba diving. Specialised trainers will organise down to the last detail your first contact with the magical underwater world with the Discover Scuba Diving programme for beginners. If you are already a lover of scuba diving and you have the necessary experience then you will go ’ directly to Advance Open Water Diving.
And if you don't want to move away from the hotel we can organise the scuba diving at the "Kokkina Vrachia Beach" which is in front of the Alexander Beach Hotel & Spa.
This picturesque bay has an incredibly rich underwater world. If snorkelling excites you then you can enjoy on your own a breathtaking exploration with a mask and a snorkel.

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